Animal Kingdom season 5 is still a couple of months from arriving on TNT but the network has been dropping a lot of teasers. Just recently, a new trailer was unveiled and it sees the Cody Boys back in action following the death of Smurf (Ellen Barkin).

Smurf leads the operation of the family, but now that she's dead, the Cody Boys compete on who will take over her role. Only one of J (Finn Cole), Pope (Shawn Hatosy), Craig (Ben Robson), and Deran (Jake Weary) will eventually lead the empire in Animal Kingdom season 5.

In the recently-released trailer, the Codys are all eager to be the next Smurf. Only one of them will take over the throne so there's going to be a power struggle coming along the way. All of them want to become the leader and choosing the right one won't be easy.

They need someone who could run the empire, just like what Smurf did. Aside from having a lot of money, they also want to earn the respect of others. But, the biggest thing the Cody Boys need to do first in Animal Kingdom season 5 is learning how to keep their operations going.

As for who will climb up to the top, J is the major candidate on the list. Among other Cody Boys, he's the only one who seems capable of running their operation. Some other teasers also hinted at the character leading everyone amidst the chaos after Smurf's death.

However, Pope, Craig, and Deran don't agree with J taking over Smurf's position. The three also want power, and as shown in the latest promo, all of them claim that they are "in charge now." Thus, there'll be a lot of action-packed and intense moments as they all vie for the throne.

Meanwhile, Smurf is still involved in Animal Kingdom season 5 even though she's already gone. The character will appear in the flashbacks, which will follow her early days and how she became the woman she was before her death. Also, some people from her past will appear in the narrative.

For instance, Pose vet Charlayne Woodard is set to appear as Pamela, an old accomplice whom Smurf left most of her wealth. She could help the Codys with their operation, especially since she's familiar with how their world works. But, she may also serve as another problem in further building their empire.

Animal Kingdom season 5 is set to premiere on Friday, July 11, on TNT.