Animal Kingdom season 5 marks a new era for the Cody Boys, with new faces coming on board. One of the most interesting characters in the upcoming installment is Pamela Johnson. Smurf (Ellen Barkin) left the majority of possessions to her after her death, suggesting that the two have a deeper relationship.

At the moment, only a few details were known about Pamela, but she'll have an essential role in Animal Kingdom season 5. Her presence could shake up the world of the Cody Boys -- J (Finn Cole), Pope (Shawn Hatosy), Craig (Ben Robson), and Deran (Jake Weary).

Pose actress Charlayne Woodard is set to play the recurring role of Pamela in the present timeline. The character is described as "warm and maternal" but also "tough and intelligent." In addition, "she's still a badass, but now she lets others get their hands dirty on her behalf."

Pamela was first introduced in the crime drama in the 1977 flashbacks, with Milauna Jemai Jackson playing the younger version of the character. At the end of season 4, J found out that Smurf left her ill-gotten gains to her old accomplice.

After learning about this, J told Pope that Smurf had left most of her possession to Pamela. It looks like the Cody Boys want to take back this wealth, and they could make a fake/new will in the event Woodard's character shows up -- though that won't be easy for them.

Pamela is familiar with how the criminal world works, so she possibly knows what would be the next move of the Cody Boys. She is going to be a major player in Animal Kingdom season 5, albeit a recurring role. She could either help J and others -- or bring their empire down.

The biggest problem for the Cody Boys entering the latest installment is who will lead their operations now that Smurf is gone. There have been hints that J may take over the position since he is completely different from others and he knows how to run the criminal empire.

But, while J is determined to continue what Smurf has started, the remaining Cody Boys may not welcome the idea of him leading their operations. This could lead to huge conflicts in Animal Kingdom season 5, with all of them competing for the spot.

Meanwhile, the official release date of Animal Kingdom season 5 hasn't been set at the moment. But, the crime drama is expected to arrive at some point in summer 2021. The series was also renewed for season 6, which serves as the final run.