By now, any BTS fan should be very familiar with the boys' new "Butter" music video and there are particular scenes in it that involve numbers, which has the ARMY curious.

The funky summer song features the seven boys in a police line-up and as they have their mug shots taken, the members hold up cards showing their identities. These cards have numbers on it that the ARMY feels have certain secret messages.

Jin's number shows 655212, while Suga has 384627. Jungkook has 110604 and J-Hope has 660660. Jimin has 141018 while RM's number is 201904 but V has the most simple number combination of all -- 000001.

According to reports, the numbers could be related to the boys' pagers since they've discussed these previously in an episode on Run BTS. But some of the ARMY members on social media said Jin's numbers could mean that they miss their fans. Apparently 65 means "miss or want to see" and 52 stands for "our", while 12 is code for "army."

Another fan theorized that 660660 from J-Hope means he's sending out a kiss to the fans. Others, however, have different theories until the boys of BTS answered the questions themselves.

In an interview with Koreaboo, RM said that his numbers partly refer to his old apartment building 904. Jungkook also did the same and chose a number representing an old dormitory number.

Jin, on the other hand, said that his numbers are simply random choices. He just punched a bunch of numbers on the keypad to send to the production team so there really was no deep meaning for the fans to dissect.

Suga's numbers are in part his favorite number 3 and some random combinations just like Jin's choices. J-Hope confirmed that his numbers mean a kiss, as the fans have guessed.

Jimin's numbers represents their first concert date -- Oct. 18, 2014 and V's numbers simply mean that, in his mind, BTS will always be number one.

Meanwhile, the Guinness World Records confirmed that "Butter" has broken a new world record less than a week after its release. It's now the most viewed video on YouTube following a premiere. BTS broke their own record for "Dynamite" from last year.

The band has also beaten records on Spotify after "Butter" became the most globally streamed audio on the platform within 24 hours. BTS surpassed Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber's records, making them the most successful group act to have a Guinness World Records entry.