BTS member Jungkook is quite familiar with the Star Trek hand gesture, also known as the Vulcan salute, because he's the one who "invented" it. The K-pop singer explained in a new video for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert how he should be credited as the creator.

In the funny skit, which also features the rest of the BTS members, Jungkook proceeds to demonstrate the popular Star Trek hand sign, which is usually accompanied by the words, "Live long and prosper!" Jungkook tells Colbert that the Star Trek crew learned it from him since their timeline takes place several centuries into the future and he is from their past.

The popular hand sign, however, was created by famous Spock actor Leonard Nimoy, who said in an interview years ago that he based this on a childhood memory. He recalled seeing someone made the sign during a service at a Jewish synagogue in Boston, where he grew up, and he understood this to mean "be blessed." That memory stayed with him forever and decided to use it as the Vulcan salute for this Star Trek character.

Meanwhile, Jungkook made another startling revelation during a live session online for the promotion of BTS's new hit single, "Butter." He confessed that he went on a crash diet five days before shooting the music video and his only intake was water.

The youngest of the boyband group admitted that he didn't want to have "any cheek fat" in the video so he sacrificed eating for five days. His revelation surprised fellow BTS member V while members of the BTS ARMY, the group's massive fanbase, said that Jungkook's efforts paid off since he looked absolutely amazing in the "Butter" music video.

However, some of the fans also expressed concern about Jungkook's inclination for perfection. They said that it must not really be easy living up to being an idol and that they hope he will eat at least one meal a day next time to prepare for a big shoot.

The well-meaning advice and concern come as the superstar is due to release his solo mixtape. Jungkook admits that it's difficult to demand perfectionism on himself. He said that fellow BTS member Suga would always remind him that not everything has to be perfect and Jungkook said he's working out this part of himself.

Details to Jungkook's solo single are still unknown and there is still no set date for the release. In the meantime, BTS is still reeling from the success of "Butter," which has already broken records of their previous hit, "Dynamite." The group thanks the fans for making the new song a summer anthem, which was what they were hoping for. Their next goal is to ensure that the single will score them the elusive Grammy awards.