A Million Little Things season 3 episode 16 is coming next week on ABC, with the title "No One Is To Blame." There is a significant story coming for Gary (James Roday Rodriguez), who was caught in the middle of different issues.

A Million Little Things season 3 episode 16 sees Gary doing whatever he can to support his friends. However, his willingness to help them takes a toll on his personal life, especially when it comes to his relationship with Darcy (Floriana Lima).

Based on the synopsis of A Million Little Things season 3 episode 16, "Gary once again acts as the glue that keeps this friend group together, he discovers that it is taking a toll on his relationship with Darcy." It looks like the couple hits a bumpy road as Gary takes all the responsibilities in the group.

Apart from this storyline, next week's outing also sees other characters dealing with their own struggles. For instance, Sophie (Lizzy Greene) finds support on Rome (Romany Malco) while processing her father's struggles and choices. She tries to figure out how these could influence her own life.

In addition, the promo of A Million Little Things season 3 episode 16 teases more moments for Alan (Terry Chen) and Katherine (Grace Park), who's finalizing her divorce from Eddie (David Giuntoli). It seems like she is now ready to move forward with her life and start a new relationship.

Katherine finally made up her mind and reached out to Alan for their first official date, and the two go picnic in a local park. At first, the former looks nervous since this is her "first first date in over 12 years," but the clip features good vibes between the two.

Eddie, on the other hand, is having a hard time rebuilding his life amidst his ongoing divorce with Katherine. He almost cancels his visit to Theo (Tristan Byon) and felt awful for letting down his son again. But then, Gary showed up and helped him make a step forward.

Elsewhere, Rome and Regina (Christina Moses) are facing financial difficulties. The latter's restaurant isn't doing well because of the COVID-19 pandemic, while the former's film demand also dropped due to the global health crisis. They have no money coming in, causing them to panic.

Meanwhile, the family drama is airing its two-part season finale after this one. The fate of most characters remains uncertain at the moment. The good news is that more stories are coming in the future as the series has been renewed for season 4.

A Million Little Things season 3 episode 16 airs on Wednesday, June 2, on ABC.