Jang Ki Yong is in the middle of the spotlight these past few days. While this is due in part to the success of My Roommate Is A Gumiho's premiere, the buzz mostly focuses on his dating life.

Earlier on Thursday, several rumors circulated on various platforms, alleging that the South Korean actor is dating former Olympic gymnast Son Yeon JaeAllKpop said that these all came after eagle-eyed netizens noticed that two personalities posted similar photos about a month ago.

As explained, many individuals accused them of sharing "Lovestagram posts" after they both uploaded their respective snaps of a seaside view of the Busan beaches. Apart from having the same scenery, the uploads on Instagram both took place on the same day, April 25.

Following all the assertions, YG Entertainment released an official statement regarding the matter. As clarified, Jang Ki Yong was in the area because of his stint for his upcoming drama, Now We Are Breaking Up.

The announcement, also, noted that the actor does not know Son Yeon Jae. Similarly, the South Korean athlete's agency said the same thing before the public on Friday.

"As a result of checking with Son Yeon Jae, she and Jang Ki Yong do not know each other at all." Moreover, "the dating rumors are completely false."

A day earlier before the dating rumors hit the media, the Hello, Me! actor, also, got involved in another set of speculations. A separate report from AllKpop said that the assertions centered on his co-star Hyeri, alongside her supposed break-up with actor Ryu Joon Yeol.

Several netizens seemingly came to the conclusion that the couple has broken up because of Hyeri's "close chemistry" with Jang Ki Yong. The talks surfaced after their guesting feature on KBS' Cool FM Kang Han Na's Volume Up to promote their recently released series, My Roommate Is A Gumiho.

Their closeness has appeared to have "raised questions" among fans and followers. Despite all the noise, though, the celebrities have yet to break their silence. Accordingly, there are no confirmations as to whether Hyeri and Ryu Joon Yeol have, indeed, broken up.

Meanwhile, Jang Ki Yong seemingly places his focus and attention on his projects. Following the success of his new series with Hyeri, he is now gearing up for another drama on small screens.

Later this year, he will return for a new title opposite Song Hye Kyo. They are set to play the lead roles in SBS's Now We Are Breaking Up.