"One Piece" Episode 979, titled "Good Luck?! Leader Kin'emon's Plot!" may center on the fight against Kaido and the coming allies. After Kanjuro reveals himself as the one who betrays the group, what will happen from here?

Kin'emon's plan has once again leaked, thanks to Kanjuro. As they now know the traitor who lives among them, what will they do to Kanjuro in "One Piece" Episode 979?

Luffy, Kid and Law surprised everyone with their arrival. The three were on a bet on who could bring an enemy down faster and it remained to be seen who would win.

In the preview at the end of the previous episode, everyone saw how Kyoshiro revealed himself as Denjiro to Kin'emon and others. He was with his men and together, they faced Kaido's men.

Though this move confused everyone, the new chapter might have a good explanation for this.

According to Epic Dope, Denjiro will tell Kin'emon and others about various inside information about Kaido and Orochi. It has been known that the enemies are on his side while he is in disguise in "One Piece" Episode 979.

The thugs from the Kyoshiro family will also join the battle and go against Kaido and Orochi. Elsewhere, despite destroying Kin'emon allies' ships, they will still make their way to the samurai and help him face the villain.

They will all go to Onigashima, while Kanjuro may take Momonosuke to give him to Orochi.

In "One Piece" Episode 978, fans saw the arrival of Straw Hats, Kid Pirates and Heart Pirates. They gave the Akazaya new hope to defeat Kaido and his people, The Cinemaholic noted.

However, Kanjuro was surprised by their arrival, knowing he had been sending Orochi inside information. The Grifter was puzzled, too, especially after they bombed the Thousand Sunny before.

The Straw Hats revealed Sunny was built from the Treasure Tree Adam wood that made it susceptible to any attack. So, the bombing would do nothing to it.

Luffy, however, was surprised that his other allies were not showing up in the battle. Kin'emon then took full responsibility for Kanjuro's betrayal that might have something to do with it.

The Grifter then revealed they had sunk all the ships on the port, including Luffy's allies. Orochi, too, made sure the bridges connecting the regions were destroyed.

They revealed the Beast Pirates had already allied with Big Mom Pirates to top off the bad news for the day.

From here, the battle began and fans would see more of it on the release of "One Piece" Episode 979 Sunday.