Chrome and his exploration team will continue their worldwide treasure hunt in "Dr. Stone" Chapter 201. But as they will be on the different side of the Atlantic, will they successfully fulfill this mission?

The group has to find enough raw materials for their Moon Mission, but they have to travel the world to complete it. As new dangers may come their way, will they survive in "Dr. Stone" Chapter 201?

Chrome and his team have to complete the materials they need for the spaceship to finally begin their Moon Mission. They have to find metal ores and metalloids, which are both unavailable in South America.

According to Epic Dope, though the biofuel engine perfectly works on the ship, it may not be enough to power the space rocket. By its looks, they also have to look for alternative energy sources that they can use as rocket fuel.

Meanwhile, as these are all happening, Xeno stays in South America. He will be upgrading his engine's design in "Dr. Stone" Chapter 201 and he may do something sketchy while Senku is away.

"Dr. Stone" Chapter 200 explained the need for superalloys, which had to be meltdown using an electricity-based induction heater. Gen felt satisfied by Xeno's explanation and went to Senku to see how he worked on his future engine, OtakuKart News noted.

The science genius noticed Gen wanted to ask him about the Fischer Tropsh process. He then explained the German military was the pioneer of it since they had no oil.

Amidst his explanation, Gen could not understand how raw garbage gas could turn into fuel. The Science Kingdom then revealed how they could make Inconel after combining all the metals they collected.

Xeno said Inconel was an "amazing alloy" that made rocket engines possible. He then stressed it would take them half a year to mix all the metal they had.

Elsewhere, Senku and Ryusui felt proud of the rocket they were working on and seeing they were making good improvements. Senku then asked Xeno about the engine, to which the latter said he was doing fine.

He continued he did not have to ask Senku about the future fuel, though they realized they had to rest their rocket engine's first run that day. Fortunately, they yielded good results and they successfully acquired the rocket engine level one.

Fans will continue to see Xeno and Senku's work to begin their Moon Mission on the release of "Dr. Stone" Chapter 2019 on Sunday, June 20.