The largest yacht in the world has been unveiled and with its massive size has earned a new category called "yacht liner."

Somnio will debut in 2024 and, at 728 feet in length, will be easy to spot. Only a select few, however, will be able to see the 500 million euro (roughly $600 million) boat from the inside.

"Somnio is the world's first "yacht liner," conceived to provide all the benefits of superyacht ownership and finished to the highest possible standards, with onboard amenities reflecting the service and offering only found in the world's finest hotels," a statement said.

The yacht liner will be a floating condo for the super-rich, with 39 ultraluxury apartments starting at 9.5 million euros (roughly $11 million). The identity of the owners remains undisclosed and the opportunity to purchase an apartment available only by invitation or referral.

The chosen 39 will live a life on the ocean unlike any other, aboard a boat designed by two of the world's leading architecture and design companies, London-based Winch Design and Sweden's Tillberg Design.

The apartments will be divided across six decks, with each one completely customizable. Potential features include a personal kitchen, a gym, a library, inside/outside dining places and separate dressing areas.

Owners will have access to a 10,000-bottle wine cellar and tasting area, as well as a variety of restaurants and cafes and an onboard beach club with sports facilities.

Meanwhile, a lounge at the ship's bow will offer "spectacular views" when cruising through scenic areas or approaching port.

Somnio will be the world's largest yacht in terms of both length and volume, and it will be powered by clean engine technology. Vard in Norway, which is part of the Italian shipbuilding company Fincantieri, is currently building the ship.

Captain Erik Bredhe, previously Master of MV The World, the only residential vessel at sea, is overseeing the project.