It was a piece of cake for the Maine police and their dog.

Two people are facing charges over cocaine disguised as a cake that police seized from their car, the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency said.

John Cedeno, 25, a resident of New York City and Chelsy Cochran, 33, from Maine, had 4 pounds of cocaine -- two pounds of which was disguised as a cake -- in their vehicle as they were driving into Gardiner, MDEA said in a Facebook post.

The bogus cake's box said it weighs one kilogram and it has "perfect white and ideal flow," according to an image shared Wednesday by the Maine Department of Public Safety.

A drug-sniffing dog found the cocaine wrapped in a cellophane box with coffee grounds to cover up the scent and the police estimated its street value at around $200,000. Police also seized $1,900 in cash.

Narcotics agents believe the drugs were to be distributed in Somerset and Kennebec counties.

Cedeno was held on $750,000 bail, while Cochran's bail was set at $50,000, police said.

The police were already suspecting that Cedeno was distributing "considerable amounts of cocaine" in central Maine, Daily News said.

They received a tip that Cedeno would be in the area and riding in an Audi owned and driven by Cochran, according to the report.

In 2016, Cedeno pleaded guilty to one count of drug trafficking charge and was handed a four-year prison sentence after the police discovered him in a home with almost 40 grams of heroin.

It was not immediately clear if Cedeno or Cochran had a lawyer who could speak to the charges.

MDEA was assisted in the investigation by the Homeland Security Investigations, Maine State Police and Winslow Police Department.