Typhoon In-fa, internationally known as Typhoon Fabian, is expected to make landfall in eastern China this weekend. The tropical cyclone is expected to bring with it up to 11.8 inches of rain in some regions, including those already experiencing massive floods.

Zhejiang's provincial meteorological center said the weather system is expected to develop into a super typhoon by Saturday. The agency said the typhoon could bring with it maximum sustained winds of at least 115 miles per hour.

The agency said In-fa could weaken into severe typhoon status when it makes landfall. The agency said the typhoon will bring with it heavy rainfall and wind to much of the Yangtze delta and southeastern provinces.

Heavy rainfall in China's Henan province, partly caused by the Typhoon's airflow, had caused devastating floods earlier in the week. On Wednesday, 12 people were killed after a subway in Zhengzhou was flooded.

Forecasters said it would be difficult to determine if the same could happen in cities along the coast because of different climatic and topographical conditions. Nevertheless, authorities have raised their alert levels in preparation for the arrival of the typhoon. Weather experts said tall buildings, trees and mountains could all help weaken the typhoon before it reaches further inland.

"It's hard to say if the heavy rainfall on the eastern coast will be as severe as Zhengzhou because there are many uncertainties," experts said.

The National Meteorological Center said that up to 3.9 inches of rain could fall within an hour in some areas. The agency said cities such as Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, and Anhui will be heavily affected.

Zhejiang and other cities within the typhoon's path have already made preparations in anticipation of extreme rainfall. Officials have ordered the draining of reservoirs and dams to prevent another disaster.

On Thursday, the city of Shanghai issued a blue alert for strong winds and possible flooding. The city's flood prevention department has been ordered to make preparations and all ships have been told to return to port immediately.

Typhoon In-fa is the third typhoon in the northwestern Pacific and the first one to hit eastern China this year. The strongest typhoon on record to hit China was Typhoon Rammasun in 2014. The storm killed at least 225 across Asia, including 17 people in China.

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