The Straw Hat Pirates and the Samurai are now in Onigashim and Kinemon turns them into Gifters. From here, the official battle may begin in "One Piece" Episode 985.

Titled "Thinking of Otama! Luffy's Furious Strike!" Luffy may start the war after he and Zoro saw how Kaido and his men wasted some food. The Beast Pirates also eye the Okobore and Ebisu towns down and it will not sit well with Luffy and Zoro in "One Piece" Episode 985.

According to Epic Dope, it will not take too long before Luffy and Zoro start to lose control. Any minute, they may begin to run amok against Kaido's people.

However, as Luffy and Zoro are both parts of the Worst Generation, someone may notice them. If their disguise does not work anymore, an all-out attack may begin.

After a long while, fans are about to see these two in action again. But, some are hoping Kid will not enter the scene and steal their spotlight by joining the fight in "One Piece" Episode 985.

In "One Piece" Episode 984, Luffy confronted Jaggy for not following Kinemon's plan. Kid chimed in and said he did not care about the Samurai plan.

Luffy reminded them everything was at stake in this battle, but Kid opposed him and said they were all here to take Kaido down. It just so happened that they were both in Onigashima, OtakuKart News.

Zoro believed Luffy could make the matter worse, so he would try to stop him. Kiku and Kawamatsu were worried about Luffy, too and the former realized Tra-guy-san's prediction could be true.

Luffy might head straight to Kaido's castle. The Straw Hat might not follow their plan as they were more focused on getting Kaido's head.

Alternatively, the Beast Pirates were enjoying the festival. The guards complained about their duty during the party.

However, one was pretty content with his one beer and assured there would be no Samurai that could reach the place. Kanjuro then arrived, killed the two guards and rushed Momonosuke, who was tied to a rope.

Kanjuro went to see Orochi with Momo, but he was confused about the way. Luffy managed to get through and headed to the banquet.

Here, he saw Kaido's men celebrating. Zoro followed and he accidentally bumped into one of Kaido's underlings.

Fortunately, he did not recognize him and talked about beers instead.

What happens from here can be seen when "One Piece" Episode 985 will be released Sunday.