Fans are now looking forward to seeing "Tokyo Revengers" Chapter 217 to know more about the female protagonist, Kawaragi Senju. This is the first time the series has introduced a strong female lead and nobody expects it to happen.

Ken Wakui knows how to surprise the manga's fans through its characters. Kawaragi's introduction has blown the mind of many, and several other events will unfold in "Tokyo Revengers" Chapter 217.

According to Recent Highlights, there may be new developments coming now that it has been revealed a woman is the top Brahman member. Though there are doubts, they will finally be answered in the next chapter forward.

It is also revealed that the group has the most mysterious sibling members, who also happen to be on the top. The Brahman leader and vice-captain happen to be siblings, topped by Kawaragi herself.

Kawaragi's real name is Akashi Senju, the younger sister of Akashi Takeomi and Akashi Haruchiyo. Kawaragi and Takeomi play big roles in the group, while Haruchiyo is Kantou Manji Gang's vice-captain.

Haruchiyo's loyalty lies on Mickey and he has been with him until the very end in the alternate timeline. As "Tokyo Revengers" Chapter 217 comes, there will be more difficulties coming for the siblings.

Although Kawaragi is the strongest among the three, Haruchiyo wants to remain as Mikey's follower. Now that Takemichi is part of the Brahman gang, he is ready to face Mikey and his Kantou Manji Gang.

The image that he has seen may have something to do with the future. If Kawaragi falls, Takeomi will fail, too, along with the Brahman Gang.

Takemichi cannot let this happen, so he may do something about it in the upcoming chapters. GamenGuides added Takemichi might hold his first-ever meeting with Brahman Gang in the next installment.

Kawaragi may introduce him as an official member of the group. Elsewhere, Chapter 217 may not tie the previous chapter's loose end yet, and there may be a long waiting game before it finally happens.

In "Tokyo Revengers" Chapter 217, Takemichi asked Kawaragi if she was Brahman, OtakuKart News. The latter said Haruchiyo was in Kantou Manji Gang, making him realized he was with Mikey.

From here, they enjoyed their shopping and food. When they parted ways, they both promised to see each other again.

Takemichi then had a vision, crying in front of Kawaragi's dead body. Why did he have that vision?

Find out when "Tokyo Revengers" Chapter 217 releases Wednesday.