Fans are about to see the death of Jinwoo in "Solo Leveling" Chapter 161 or will he survive? The combined powers of the Frost and the Beast Monarchs will overwhelm the E-rank Hunter that things will be too much for him.

Sure, the Plague Monarch may have died in Jinwoo's hands, but she is just one of the nine Monarchs. There are plenty more and they may get the best of him in "Solo Leveling" Chapter 161.

Jinwoo has gained a lot of experience and leveled up multiple times after killing the Plague Monarch. However, it looks like it is a big mistake to focus on only one enemy when he has two.

Fighting on the Frost Monarch gives the Beast Monarch the chance to attack him from behind and pierce his body with its five claws, including destroying his heart. Will Jinwoo survive?

According to Recent Highlights, Jinwoo's HP has dropped to zero after what happened. From here, the skill Black Heart may make its way to "Solo Leveling" Chapter 161.

He will then meet Ashborn, the Shadow Sovereign. A major flashback may then occur to reveal the truth about everything.

Fans may see the lore of the series and how everything has happened. Anyhow, Epic Dope noted that Jinwoo has now leveled up, so he may use full-body heal to recover and avoid death.

It is also good to note that he possesses the Holy water of life, which can help heal him as long as he is alive. If he manages to survive, he may raise the Plague Monarch or other subjects as his shadow soldiers.

If this happens, the two remaining Monarchs will surely have a hard time beating him. In addition, Jinwoo's father, Sung Il Hwan, now enters the scene.

He has an attitude that is cut above the rest and he is only waiting for his chance to join the battle. Hwan arrives to protect his son, so what is he going to do?

Beru is also seen calling out other shadow soldiers and successfully making one alive. So, what will be this soldier's role?

To recall, in "Solo Leveling" Chapter 160, Beast Monarch grabbed Beru and choked him, OtakuKart News noted. When Jinwoo noticed Beru was about to die, he tried to cancel the summon but failed.

He teleported to save Beru and kicked Beast Monarch flying. From here, his fight against Frost Monarch began. The chapter ended with the Beast Monarch's claws inside Jinwoo's body.

What happens from here can be seen when "Solo Leveling" Chapter 161 drops Thursday.