Osaragi will take the spotlight in "Kaguya-Sama" Chapter 233. Her feelings toward Ishigami will be the new installment's center, but will she let it known?

The previous chapter showed Osaragi explaining her perspective to Kaguya. So, by the looks of it, she has a lot of explaining to do in "Kaguya-Sama" Chapter 233.

According to Epic Dope, Osragi may not mind her strong feelings for Ishigami. Knowing how silent she is, she may stay on the sideline and let the romance between Iino and Ishigami blossom.

However, some fans hope Osaragi will voice out her thoughts about Iino and clear everything before just letting it go. If not, things will continuously be unfair for her.

In addition, "Kaguya-Sama" Chapter 233 may feature more developments or new complications in Iino and Ishigami's romance, Epic Stream noted. As their relationship develops, things will get real serious between the two.

In "Kaguya-Sama" Chapter 232, Tsubame enjoyed some tea with Osaragi as they talked about love. They believed love was an obsession and Osaragi said she wanted to love and be loved for her real identity.

She also wanted to love someone for who he was. She was eager to find somebody who she would love and love her back, OtakuKart News noted.

Osaragi never saw herself as someone worthy to love. She just constantly roamed around Iino and Ishigami, realizing the latter was the guy she wanted to be with.

However, she did not expect that it would be a love triangle. Osaragi used to spy on Ishigami, fantasizing he would one day propose to her.

However, Iino found a love letter on her desk and Osaragi had no idea about who wrote it. She decided to take a step back, seeing how close Ishigaami and Iino had become.

Ishigami then beat a guy for messing with Ootomo. Iino learned the rumors that Ishigami was stalking Ootomo.

Osaragi saw these two talking and realized Iino should believe everything Ishigami said. The latter continued to support Iino despite what happened.

Osaragi wanted Iino to help Ishigami. Later, she talked to Kaguya about the love triangle.

Osaragi wished she was Iino as she truly loved Ishigami. Kaguya realized it was too late for Osaragi to confess her feelings for Ishigami. Osaragi also discussed her effort to bring Tsubame and Ishigami. Now, she had given up on Ishigami, knowing there was Iino.

What happens from here can be seen when "Kaguya-Sama" Chapter 233 releases Thursday.