"Record of Ragnarok" Chapter 51 will reveal the future of Buddha in the hands of Hajun. The latter has proven itself a formidable enemy and it looks like Buddha is having a hard time battling him.

Buddha can effortlessly dodge and face whatever Zerofuku puts on his way, but Hajun is different. As their fight continues in "Record of Ragnarok" Chapter 51, can he still keep up?

According to Recent Highlights, the fight has taken a 180-degree turn, showing Zero morphing into a much-deadlier opponent, Hajun. As the next chapter will show the end of the current arc, something big is about to happen.

The next installment may finally reveal the mystery surrounding Hajun and the Horns of the Netherworld. Fans will also get to see more of Hajun's abilities.

Until today, no one knows who and where does Hajun come from. He is not even aware of himself and the only thing known about him is that he comes from Zero.

Even the Valkyries have no idea what Hajun is in "Record of Ragnarok" Chapter 51. One thing is for sure, though. He is not a god but a berserker.

In the place called Helheim, which Hades rules, the blending of the Black Shadow and White Light is said to awake the Horns of the Netherworld. From here, eternal darkness will be born.

Zero used to be the kindest god, which made him the White Light. However, from being naïve, he unleashed immense misery, resulting in the abomination, which is the Black Shadow.

After Buddha rescued Zero, his Black and White parts started to combine. Though nobody knew how he came across the Horns of the Netherworld, these horns were awakened and resulted in the birth of Hajun, the Demon Lord of the Sixth Heaven.

As the battle continues, Buddha may sustain severe damage from Hajun, Otaku's Note noted. Reddit fans also assumed to see the other two Realms of Buddha's Staff, followed by a major flashback to unleash a new power.

This new ability may give him a long-range power to counter Hajun's attacks. There are also theories that he will use Volund to bring the devil down.

Hajun has been testing and expressing his real strength, so he may eventually unleash Divine Retribution to reveal a number of new attacks.

Fans are about to see these and more when "Record of Ragnarok" Chapter 51 releases Wednesday, Aug. 25.