U.S. President Joe Biden has set an ambitious goal of radically reducing the number of fossil-fueled powered cars in the U.S. as part of the country's efforts to fight climate change. Biden plans to sign a new executive order that would require 50% new vehicle sales to be electric-powered by 2030.

White House officials said the proposed executive order is aimed at cutting the nation's greenhouse gas emissions. Fossil-fueled vehicles are currently the largest source of planet-heating gas emissions in the country.

Officials said Thursday that Biden is set to sign the executive order. Biden met with representatives of major car manufacturers and workers unions on the same day. During the meeting, Biden said that the future of the automotive industry will be electric and there would be "no turning back."

Biden urged those who attended the meeting to work together to help the nation become the leader in green automotive technologies. He said everyone has to move fast and to "step up" to catch up with the rest of the world.

Aside from the executive order, the Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Transport have, recently, unveiled new fuel efficiency standards for new vehicles. The stricter standards, which built upon pollution rules weakened under the previous administration, aims to further reduce carbon emissions.  Trump previously rolled back several clean air standards, which were initially welcomed by car manufacturers.

Under the new rules, cars sold from 2023 will be required to emit 10% less greenhouse gas emissions. Vehicles will, then, need to reduce those further by an additional 5% each year until 2026.

The EPA said the new vehicle pollution standards should help achieve Biden's ambitious goals, while also creating new jobs and addressing the current climate crisis.

The measures will be supplemented by a major upgrade of the country's electric charging infrastructure, which has been made part of the administration's new infrastructure bill.

The eventual implementation of the new rules and the executive order is the culmination of months of talks been Biden administration officials and major manufacturers. The administration hopes that the new measures will help reduce overall carbon emissions by about 2 billion tons, while also allowing drivers to save on fuel costs.