Fans are about to see the return of the Shinigami and Sosuke Aizen in "Bleach" Season 17. The anime will start with Episode 367, nine years after Season 16 ended.

"Bleach" Season 17 will adapt the manga's final arc, the Thousand Year Blood War arc. To recall, the anime was canceled in 2012 and not given a proper conclusion, so this might be the end fans had been waiting for.

According to Recent Highlights, the new season will start with Episode 367. It will start with the Great War, featuring the Soul Society and the Soul Palace.

Sadly, at the middle of all of it all, Ichigo is missing. From here on, new chaos is about to begin with the return of the Quincy Society-1000 years after many believe it is already gone.

It looks like Ishida is not the last Quincy and Yhwach will make an appearance as the first Quincy. He is the son emperor of Wandenreich and will surprise everyone as the son of the Soul King.

Anyhow, Ichio is a Quincy, too, through his mother. He is a direct descendant of Yhwach. So, when Seiretei breaks down into a great war in "Bleach" Season 17, Ichigo will return to the battlefield.

However, compared to the previous battles, the new one will be much tougher. Yhwach is known for being an almighty and he can absorb the Soul King. So, can Ichigo manage to defeat him?

Meanwhile, Polygon noted the manga's final arc had not had the chance to be adapted into anime then, so this might be the perfect time to do so. Tite Kubo's brainchild started in 2001, while the Thousand-Year Blood War ac officially put the manga to a close in 2016.

So, in celebration of its 20th anniversary, the 2021 new anime adaptation is seen as very likely. However, there are no words yet if the anime's original studio, Studio Pierrot, will return to do the series.

The heavy fighting it made to the original anime gave it the reputation of being one of the best looking in the industry at the time. No wonder many fans are looking forward to having the studio return to the 17th season once again.

Moreover, the franchise is yet to reveal when "Bleach" Season 17 will be officially released. However, there are theories it will not make it on the small screen this year and be out in July 2022 instead.