Fans may witness the demise of Draken in "Tokyo Revengers" Chapter 222 after he got shot to help Takemichi and Kawaragi following an ambush. As he was with Inupi at the time, what happened to the Black Dragon Vice-Captain?

No one has seen Inupi yet after what happened to Draken and "Tokyo Revengers" Chapter 222 may reveal his whereabouts. As he is the one who told the leaked information about Takemichi and Kawaragi's ambush to Draken, does he have something to do with the latter's attack?

Nobody saw how Draken was shot. He just fell on the ground, bathing in his own blood and dying. In the middle of it all, there are no words about Inupi.

Inupi was the first to know about Takemichi and Kawaragi's ambush. So, he told Draken about it, picked him up and went on their way to save the two in the amusement park.

Though these two arrived at the same time, many were also worried about Inupi after Draken was shot. Nobody knew who did it to Draken. According to Recent Highlights, it is quite impossible that the one behind this is Takemichi and Kawaragi's attackers.

Draken sustained three shots and there was no sign that he fought anyone before this happened. He was shot unexpectedly.

So, what does Inupi have to do with it? There are theories Inupi also got shot at the same time as Draken and may not survive.

Also, there are assumptions he is the one who planned Draken's ambush. He may have lured Draken to save Takemichi, but he may already be planning to shot him.

However, fans should only take these speculations with a grain of salt as no one really knows what happened to Inupi. Fortunately, the upcoming "Tokyo Revengers" Chapter 222 may tell more about it.

Meanwhile, in "Tokyo Revengers" Chapter 221, Draken knew that the guys who attacked Takemichi and Kawakire were Rokuhara's minions. This made Takemichi wondered if he had already heard about Rokuhara, OtakuKart News noted.

The move surprised Takemichi, thinking of what would be the benefit of killing him. Draken reminded him that he now held a title and the punks could not accept that he already was a Brahman member.

He even got the top rank ahead of these people. Draken then warned Takemichi that the war of Three Deities might be as bloody as it involved shady companies. As Draken wondered what would happen, Draken told him to keep everything a secret, knowing he could see the future.

Takemichi, then, thanked Draken, as they both felt glad that they had changed the future. As Kawaragi asked Takemichi to leave, Draken suddenly told him to tell Mikey not to cause chaos.

From here, Draken was found lying on the floor while blood was spilling from his body. What happens after this will be seen when "Tokyo Revengers" Chapter 222 drops on Wednesday, Sept. 15.