The legendary Zui battle will continue in "Kingdom" Season 3 Episode 21. Xin and Fu Di will take center stage in this war and fans will see who will win between these two.

The Zhao commanders managed to trick the Qins, making them believe they were under attack during the night. Despite their exhaustion, they had to continue their fight during the day and things might even worsen in "Kingdom" Season 3 Episode 21.

The previous episode ended with an intense fight between the Qin General and the Zhao Army Brigade Commander. Xin had to admit Fu' Di's attack was beyond incredible, but it might put his life in danger.

With how things turn out in their hand-to-hand combat, will Xin manage to defeat Fu Di? According to Epic Dope, Xin seems to have something up his sleeve after taking Qiang Lei's name.

Elsewhere, Fu Di has been seen with a surprising facial expression, making fans believe he saw something unexpected. What is it? "Kingdom" Season 3 Episode 21 will surely reveal what Fu Di saw as the anime returns to the blood-stained pages of China.

Meanwhile, the Qin generals seem to have a chance against the Zhaos after Fu Di revealed some of their troops are yet to reach the battlefield. Does this mean the Qin will win this battle?

In "Kingdom" Season 3 Episode 20, Bi revealed that Jie Yi was already on the north wall and brought a strange weapon. However, Ten and Meng Yi realized the real problem was the East Wall, knowing the other sides were all covered.

The soldiers, then, asked for more archers. This made Ten and other generals question if the enemies' commander was more decisive.

But as Ten had yet to join their battles before, she had no clue about it. Anyhow, Bi's commander possessed a clean track record.

Later, Ten revealed she had thought of a way to block the East Wall. However, the enemies were already making their way to the wall.

Li Mu Army Adjutant: Jin Chengchang felt glad his people were advancing. He told them never to hold back and teach Qin the terror of war.

However, little did they know that the enemies' foothold was already growing. Ten put their most powerful soldiers on their side of the wall. On the other side, the Li Mu Army took the South Wall with just a single strike.

What happens next will be seen when "Kingdom" Season 3 Episode 21 drops on Monday, Sept. 13.