BLACKPINK's Rosé is once again the talk of the town after photos of her vacation at a lavish hotel in South Korea are now circulating online. No, it is not because of her stunning pictures but how expensive it costs to stay for just a night at the resort villa.

The villa in question is the Paradise Hotel & Resort in Incheon, South Korea. After Rosé tagged this location in her post, netizens started to investigate the price of one night stay in this place, which made their jaws drop.

The 24-year-old star gave her followers a glimpse of her time at the hotel's pool and its indoor accommodations. So, as soon as fans saw her snaps, a netizen created an online community to reveal how much it would cost to stay at the pool villa.

According to AllKpop, the most luxurious villa in the hotel has a measurement of 10,106 square feet. A one-night stay here already costs 20 million KRW or $17,033.

The next largest room is 4,910 square feet and is worth 10 million KRW or $8,515 a night. These two villas can even be rented at the same time and use both.

Not only that, when a villa guest comes in, the hotel provides a personal butler and has surely done the same when Rosé visited. This move is said to prevent anyone from knowing its location other than its guests.

Before anyone can stay at Paradise City, one of the major rules is that the guests should never disclose any details about its location to the public. So, they have their own private entrance, elevator and parking lot, which are all separated from the hotel.

How can the BLACKPINK member afford all of these? The South China Morning Post noted with Rosé's sold-out arena shows all over the world, the majority of her earnings came from live performances.

She also has a solo album, which surely gives her more income. In addition, she has a number of brand endorsements, including the luxurious brand Yves Saint Laurent.

Mind you; Rosé has an extensive collection of luxury handbags that vary from Chanel to Louis Vuitton to, of course, YSL. Her collection is believed to be worth around $65,000 and her most expensive piece is a satchel from Delavaux, which has a staggering price of $6,250. With her net worth of $10 million, what else can Rosé not afford?