Apple's iOS update might be made sooner than what Apple fans and analysts expected, reports said. The soon-to-be-released updates include FaceTime calls with Android users and enhanced UX in Maps. Apple has announced important details about its latest iOS 15 in its fall update.

The consumer product and software juggernaut is expected to announce the release date of its iOS 15 during its "California Streaming" event, which will take place on Sept. 14.

Last June 2021, in its virtual Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple revealed that it would roll out its iOS 15. On June 7, it became available for developer test and was put on the public beta mode the following month.

After these developments, Apple hasn't released any fresh news about its iOS 15, which ironically made the Apple community more alive because of the company's "sudden silence."

As of now, the best way to get a hint of how and when iOS 15 will be released is to look back at Apple's previous releases of its iOS.

Looking for patterns

Usually, fresh versions of iOS are released around the same time when Apple releases its new iPhone. Last year, the company released its iOS 14 a day after its Sept. 15 keynote.

By looking at the "clues" on the previous event, the iOS 15 may possibly be available as soon as Sept. 15, 2021. But if the release takes longer, it may follow what Apple did in 2019, where it released its iOS 13 on Sept. 19, a week after its Sept. 10 keynote.

iOS 15, a closer look

What Apple fans could expect from iOS 15 includes new spatial audio and Portrait mode for FaceTime, and video call capabilities on non-iOS devices. For the Message App, the latest update will now allow users to share stacked and collage photos in chats.

Also, the fresh update will offer a digital ID in Apple Wallet, which eliminates the need to have a physical card. This digital ID can be used for Transportation Security Administration (TSA) identity confirmation in selected states and checkpoints.

But these offerings are expected to be just the tip of the iceberg as Apple would certainly fill iOS 15 with more innovative features.