The fight against Zenon will continue in "Black Clover" Chapter 306. Zenon has proven to be a formidable foe, so he will not make it easy for Yuno and Langris.

Yuno and Langris have no plans to give up on their fight against Zenon, though. So, they will try their best to hold out until the end and may even get help from their allies, though it remains to be seen if it will happen in "Black Clover" Chapter 306.

Zenon is the last leader of the Dark Triad that the Magic Knights have to defeat. If they manage to bring him down, it will mean the raid of Spade Kingdom will finally come to an end.

So, in the upcoming chapter, Yuno and Langris have to surpass their limits to face the third Dark Triad leader. To do this, according to Recent Highlights, Yuno will be using the Spirit of Eurus against Zenon.

However, there are theories this move will be no match against the Devil host's power. As new allies have joined to fight the enemies, someone may come to help Yuno and Langris face Zenon to buy the three minutes that Yuno needs instead.

Zenon has already shown how strong he is using his Spatial Magic. This lets him create cubes around his foes, stopping them from using their mana.

With this, he tries to dominate Yuno and Langris. Fortunately, Yuno is not just an ordinary fighter.

He possesses an incredible amount of mana and can use all of his devil power against Zenon. Langris, too, can use his special magic in Zenon's cube, though he is having a hard time doing so. By the looks of it, there is nothing that Zenon can do to bring these two down.

Meanwhile, in "Black Clover" Chapter 305, Yuno asked Langris to distract Zenon while preparing to use his Spirit of Eurus attack, The News Fetcher noted. Zenon, then, used his Spatial Magic to counter this that canceled his enemies' ability to chant magic attacks.

Langris, however, had a lot of mana through his Mana Zone ability that nullified Zenon's Spatial Magic. He even managed to improve his power as he created a zone inside Zenon's zone.

The Mana Zone protected Yuno from being attacked. From here, he finally accepted Yuno as his vice-captain. Langris also revealed how impressed he was after seeing his unselfish strength.

However, Zenon interrupted Langris' moment and his Mana Zone, saying emotions were useless "in the face of enormous power." Before the episode ended, Yuno prepared to shoot his special Eurus attack at Zenon.

What happens from here can be seen when "Black Clover" Chapter 306 drops on Saturday, Sept. 17.