"Solo Leveling" Chapter 167 may focus on a legion of an army of the Demonic Beast enters the earth. With their scary looks, some believe they are the enemies, though there are theories they can be allies.

By the looks of it, a big war is about to begin in "Solo Leveling" Chapter 167. However, fans may see Jinwoo and the rest of the hunters preparing for the upcoming combat first.

Warning: The following content is full of spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Recent Highlights drops the new chapter spoilers, centering on the huge army that enters the gigantic gate over the sky. They have almost covered the whole sky with their numbers, which seems to allude that they are a huge threat.

What makes them more dangerous is that they even have multiple dragons that can easily destroy the city. As the army slowly starts to make their move, the people will go on panic.

They plan to open fire on them, but Jinwoo asks them not to do anything yet. He wants these troops to come down first.

As they make their way, the group leader surprisingly kneels before Jinwoo and all its members follow. So, in "Solo Leveling" Chapter 167, fans are about to meet the true army of the Shadow Monarch as they now come down on earth to be with their master.

In "Solo Leveling" Chapter 166, the Soldiers of the King of Dragons were expected to arrive before the Soldiers of the Heavens. However, no one knew if they would ally with the humans or the monarchs, OtakuKart News noted.

So, Jinwoo's father decided to help his son and sided with the humans. The two, then, had an emotional talk and the senior Jinwoo apologized for everything that he had done.

The two embraced each other and started to cry. Jinwoo wanted some closure and asked his dad if the Rulers controlled him in any way and had him separated from his family.

His dad told him they let him choose what he wanted to do and picked the one that would protect his kid. After his last words, Jinwoo's father disappeared with the yellow light as his body turned into ash.

Jinwoo's mother, alternatively, witnessed everything that happened through the window. Jinwoo swore the monarchs would play for everything they did.

From here, an army of Demonic Beast appeared on the sky. What happens from here can be seen when "Solo Leveling" Chapter 167 drops on Thursday, Sept. 16.