Yoh may help Flaust bring Iceman down in "Shaman King 2021" Episode 23, titled "The Power of Yoh." The title seems to suggest Yoh will be featuring his full power and fans are about to see what he can do to finally defeat the enemy.

Flaust summoned all his skeletons and constructed a huge tower that Eliza used to create a gigantic oversoul. However, this might not be enough to beat Iceman and Yoh might be their only hope in "Shaman King 2021" Episode 23.

Sure, Flaust has improved his ability as a sorcerer and person, but it is still not enough to face someone like Iceman. Epic Dope noted that his final move is no match to that of the enemy's ability, so Yoh may step into the fight to give him a hand.

Here, fans are about to witness Yoh's growth after he has acquired the Futsu-no-Mitama Sword. The protagonist already teased viewers of what he could do when he transformed Amidamaru into a spirit sword.

Thanks to Anna's Chou-Senjiryakketsu training, there may be more things Yoh can do as "Shaman King" Episode 23 continues. Can these two now defeat Iceman?

In "Shaman King" Episode 22, Anna wondered what was happening to everyone when Ren said Yoh and Ann had been the same. Horohoro was amazed by how the Patch Tribe turned the school into a cafeteria, making them crave to eat noodles, which Chocolove contradicted, OtakuKart News noted.

Elsewhere, Asakura revealed he had no plans to stay too long inside the ring. He was confident he could win the battle with just a single blow, which shocked the crew.

They believed this could never happen in a Shaman Fight. Ren, then, asked Yoh about what he was trying to say, but he just continued eating his noodle.

Later, Yoh finally spoke up and said Anna taught them the Ultra Senji Ryakketsu secrets, which they already practiced and made them stronger. Little did they know Manta and Faust were listening to them.

From here, Faust vowed to show them the power of the Ultra Senji Ryakketsu. Meanwhile, Icemen and his men talked with Horohoro.

Iceman said someone who had issues in the preliminary matches "could never get that string in two months." He added they could not become the Shaman King.

Ren wanted to beat him for what he said, but he still had to wait for their battle. After a day, Faust used Oversoul Mephisto E against Iceman's crew, while Ren vowed he would never be the Shaman King. What happens here can be seen when "Shaman King 2021" Episode 23 drops on Thursday, Sept. 16.