Fei and Wakatsuki's match will continue in "Kengan Omega" Chapter 126. Now that Fei has unleashed his Diving Demon technique, can he now defeat the enemy?

Fei's technique is continuously overwhelming Wakatsuki. However, there will be a surprise turn of events and the tables may turn in "Kengan Omega" Chapter 126.

There are theories Wakatsuki will unleash his Blast Core and use it against Fei. If this happens, he may have the chance to bring down his foe, though it remains to be seen if he can do it.

There is only a little chance that Wakatsuki can bring Fei down, but he will do everything to defeat him. Anyhow, no one knows what will happen next.

According to Epic Dope, Fei's current form looks like a combination of Advance and Removal. This is far better than what he used against Ohma.

If this move has no drawback, can Wakatsukitsuki manage to surpass it? Wakatsuki also has to be very careful of Fei's blood bullets.

If he continuously sustains damage from this, it will surely cost him too much. It may even lead to his defeat, making Fei the victor.

Elsewhere, "Kengan Omega" Chapter 126 will also reveal the reason behind Kiryu Setsuna's surprise appearance in the fighting tournament after being gone for so many years. It looks like he is still obsessed with Oham and everyone who has mastered the Niko style.

He even said the Fei is his and Ohma's child. So, is this true?

No one knows what Kiryu is trying to say or the real intention of his coming. His claim is said to be not just baseless but also absurd.

In "Kengan Omega" Chapter 125, a flashback scene gave a glimpse of a little backstory of Fei in Ganryu Island, Epic Stream noted. He was with Long Min, who revealed Fei could not unleash his Divine Demon form back then.

The scene, then, returned to the current timeline, showing his fight against Wakatsuki. The latter noticed his transformation was like to Advance but with far superior power.

So, Wakatsuki tried to unleash his own signature move, the Blast Core, but Fei did something unexpected. He made a move to fling Wakatsuki's blood at him like it was a BB Gun.

This disrupted Wakatsuki from "coiling" while the Tiger King tried to come to his rescue. Fei started to trash talk Wakatsuki and mocked him to stay on the bench before he badly hurt him.

Ref Ashina, then, called out Fei for using a weapon, but the latter just touched her face and said "it was time to stop." From here, Wakatsuki started to panic and feared how strong Fei was.

He began to doubt himself and thought he was no match for his ability. Kiryu, then, stepped in the lined and claimed Fei was his child and Ohma. "Kengan Omega" Chapter 126 will drop on Friday, Sept. 17.