Prince William and Kate Middleton have upped up their game in the monarchy after Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and Prince Andrew left their seats. As they also prepare for their future roles as the next King and Queen consort, many claim the Duke of Cambridge is the best fit for the role more than his father, Prince Charles.

As this, reportedly, results in a series of heated discussions between the two, will Prince Charles vacate the throne and give it to Prince William? Though some see this far from happening, it is not impossible.

In During Real Stories' documentary, "Prince Charles and Prince William: Royal Rivals?," the narrator revealed the younger prince makes a more "striking and impressive figure" than his father, Express noted. Royal author Judy Wade later claimed the father of three had his mother's "steely nature" and was even like a Spencer.

If only Princess Diana could see her eldest son today, she should see the Spencer blood in him. He would get what he wanted when he wanted it and he would usually succeed.

Though Prince Williams has a stable relationship with his dad, it cannot be helped that these two fight. In fact, when the Cambridges went to Canada in 2011, Princes Charles, reportedly, had a few with the then-newlyweds.

In addition, Sally Bedell Smith's biography, "Charles: The Misunderstood Prince," revealed that the Prince of Wales made many "tasteless" photo opportunities. He seemed to be not pleased with how camera-friendly was his son and daughter-in-law.

If those are not enough, the heir to the throne is "absolutely furious" of Prince William and Prince Harry's public feud. With these fallouts, a royal source claimed it might overshadow Prince Charles' work.

No wonder some experts believe Prince Charles and Prince William had a number of heated conversations about the monarchy's future. Royal author and biographer Howard Hodgson said, via Geo TV, Prince Charles was eager to slim down the monarchy and the royal family.

So, it would only be Queen Elizabeth II, him, Prince William, Prince George, etc. He believed the direct ascendency was the way to go and so he planned to do it.

Despite that, though, there are claims Prince Charles may abdicate and pass the crown to Prince William, per The Sun. He may not take the throne anymore and may pass it down to his son.

Allegedly, Prince Charles does not want to be the king due to the pressure and difficulties that come with it. Pearce added that the succession plan had been "part of the conversation" since he was 11 or 12.