ASTRO's Cha Eun Woo graces the cover of Harper's Bazaar magazine and he is now ready to make everyone fall in love with his good looks and wit. In the accompanying interview, the Fantagio model answers question about his age, K-pop group and more.

Eun Woo proves why he has been chosen as the Burberry ambassador with his every pose. He puts everyone in awe with his dashing appearance, focus and good attitude despite the heat.

He even gamely talked about his age. The K-pop idol is only 24 years old today, but he revealed he already wanted to be in his 30s, Soompi noted.

However, he now thinks 25 is a good age and he has to cherish the time he has as it will just quickly pass by. In addition, the actor also discussed his being a workaholic, saying he is "greed for work" more than anyone else.

Eun Woo added that he imagines and paints his future as he finds the things he wants to do. For him, managing one's thoughts and emotions is really important.

"That's why I think more about making decisions and concentrating," he said. "In other words, I go back and forth."

Meanwhile, with the success of ASTRO's song, "After Midnight," the "True Beauty" star revealed the hard work he and his band did for it. While doing its promotions, Eun Woo disclosed he had mixed emotions of being proud and bittersweet.

It made him realized their years of experience had now come to fruition. So, the first time they won first place on a public broadcasting station gave him mixed feelings that he wanted to be happy but did not want to show it. It was the first time that the group won six years after their debut

Elsewhere, fans are may once again see Eun Woo back on the small screen in the TV adaptation of the webtoon-based drama "Dak Gang Jeong." Director Lee Byung Hun will direct the new series, which title refers to a Korean dish of sweet and sour chicken.

Alternatively, Fantagio admitted its talent indeed received an offer to do a project with Byung. However, as of August, a decision had yet to be made.

Anyhow, the show is said to have 12 episodes and now looking for its full cast. Will Eun Woo be part of it? A lot of fans hope so.