Buckingham Palace has confirmed that Queen Elizabeth II had sent a message to North Korea, congratulating its people on their national day. Palace representatives confirmed the sending of the message Tuesday.

Palace officials said the message was sent on behalf of the Queen of the UK by the Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO). Officials said this was standard practice on the national day of all countries around the world. The message was reportedly sent on the advice of the FCDO and was part of how the Queen handles her relationships with other Heads of State.

"As in previous years, HM The Queen has sent a message to the people of the DPRK on the occasion of their National Day," the FCDO said.

On Monday, North Korean-run state media KCNA reported that its Supreme Leader and the head of the State Affairs of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Kim Jong Un, had received a personal message of greeting from Queen Elizabeth.

KCNA said the message was sent to Kim on Sept. 7, just a few days before the country celebrated its national day. The event marks the 73rd anniversary of the nation's founding.


According to the KCNA, the Queen had sent her "good wishes for the future" of North Korea as its people celebrate its founding. The message avoided any personal tribute to the Korean dictator as it only hailed the celebration of the country's founding under the Kim dynasty.

Other messages sent by international leaders were also published in their entirety by KCNA. This included congratulatory messages from the leaders of countries such as Azerbaijan, Seychelles, Algeria, and the controversial King of Thailand.

Analysts said North Korea has placed a large significance on the message and is now using the Queen's message to confer its legitimacy to the rest of the world and to its people.

North Korea celebrated its national day with a midnight military parade in the capital city of Pyongyang. Kim was present during the celebrations and was seen standing on a platform in Kim Il Sung Square during the parade. Kim likely did not give a speech during the event as there was no video aired by state media.