Kochou and Kanki's soldiers will be fighting against each other in "Kingdom" Chapter 693. However, amid all these, it looks like Kanki is out of the scene.

Many wonder the whereabouts of the aggressive general and tactician. As his men have been hitting the Kochou HQ, will he finally come out and join the fight in "Kingdom" Chapter 693?

The Zenou Unit also arrives in the war area, while one of Kanki's troops notices his people have no idea Kanki is in hiding. Kochou's people will try to escape, but Zenou will ambush them.

Then, a report will reach Kochou HQ, saying their people are being assaulted from both sides, per 45 Secondes. From a small unit, the invaders have turned into 1,000, making the Koucho troops worried for the security of their HQ.

However, they feel confident that they still have 3,000 people to defend their realm. They, then, send in reinforcements and fight the Qin.

In the middle of the fight, they all wonder what Kanki's next move against them will be. Kochou admits they never expect the strength Kanki's army has. Their front line is wrong to think that Kanki's side is surrendering.

Kochou now understands that while the other troops leave, some of them stay undercover. They hide themselves before they prepare an ultimate attack.

Sadly, it is too late for Kochou's forces to realize that ten thousand soldiers are left in the dark, ready to hit them. Will the Kouchou people survive?

Meanwhile, Epic Dope noted Kanki would not personally join the battle to fight in "Kingdom" Chapter 693. He is known for being a strategist rather than a fighter, so he cannot join the battle.

It is also impossible for Kochou's army to force Zenou and his clan back at this point. By the looks of it, Kochou is about to meet its end.

The only hope they have is Ryuuhaku, knowing how furious he is with Raido and Kanki after what they did to his family. So, fans may see Ryuuhaku joining the fight between Kanki and Kochou's armies in the next installment.

If this does not happen, Kochou's death will lead to indiscriminate killing, knowing he is one of the great generals of the Zhao. He is a great asset to the group and losing him will mean an all-out war. Fans are about to see what will happen next when "Kingdom" Chapter 693 drops on Sunday, Sept. 26.