Johnny Depp recently received the honorary Donostia Award and talked about cancel culture. As the actor still feels that Hollywood is continuously boycotting him, rumors have it he has turned into a "stinky slob."

The Globe called Depp "troubled" and claimed he now finds it hard to get a date because of his poor hygiene. The last known romance the 58-year-old star had was with the Russian model Polina Glen back in 2019.

Since then, he has not been linked to anyone else. What's the reason? The magazine asserted it was because of his hygiene.

A so-called source said the "Pirates of the Caribbean" star has "gone shell" while in a court battle with his ex-wife Amber Heard. So, whenever he gets questions about returning to the dating game, he will just shrug his shoulders or shake his head.

Despite that, the insider confirmed he would still usually get invites from women who loved his grunge look. However, it is he who is not interested at all.

He will just spend his day smoking, eating and jamming with his buddies. Though Depp has no complaints, his loved ones are, reportedly, concerned about his habits.

The tipster even drags Vanessa Paradis' name into the report, saying his ex-wife and two kids, Lily-Rose and Jack Depp, want to see him "snap out of this rut." He, allegedly, looks flabby and out of sorts that makes them all worried.

However, Suggest shuts down all these claims, explaining the article's whole purpose is only to shame Depp's physical appearance. If there is indeed a cause of concern, it should be privately discussed to the musician himself instead of making a story out of it that is obviously not true at all.

Meanwhile, in his appearance at the recent San Sebastian Film Festival, the "21 Jump Street" actor rallied against cancel culture and told everyone how he had been treated unfairly during his speech, per Fox News. He said the instant rush to judgment was "so far out of hand" and no one was safe.

It would only take one wrong sentence and there would be no more ground and it did not only happen to him but to a lot of people. Depp believed many were beginning to think that cancel culture was normal.

So, he advised others that whenever there was an injustice, people should stand up for themselves. Depp earlier said Hollywood started boycotting him after losing his defamation lawsuit against a U.K. newspaper that called him a "wife-beater" following his separation from Heard.