"Dr. Stone" is about to drop Chapter 212 and rumors have it that the manga series will soon end. A new report revealed the manga would be dropping its final arc in no time, though no one knows when exactly.

The news comes from WSJ_manga. In a tweet, it revealed "Dr. Stone" would be starting its final arc after the resumption of Weekly Shonen Jump Issue No. 45.

Comicbook noted the final arc would surely continuously feature Senku and his friends as they explore the world around them. However, as enemies will also continue to run after them, fans can expect more intense fights to happen, especially in the finale.

Anyhow, fans should only take this assumption with a grain of salt. Either Shonen Jump or the manga creators Riichiro Inagaki and Boichi confirms the news yet.

But as the manga has been running for four years now, it is not far that its end is near. It has been in serialization since 2017 and its story has already expanded to tell a new tale each week.

So far, the manga has 22 volumes and over 10 million copies in circulation, proving Inagaki and Boichi's brainchild is a success. It has also been adapted into anime, starting in July 2019 in collaboration with TMS Entertainment, and its third season is now in the works.

Meanwhile, its manga version will release Chapter 212, where Chrome, Suika and Sai will be working together for a new mission, per Epic Dope. The three will try to keep this a secret from Senku until they manage to complete it.

Chrome, Suika and Sai are working on a return vessel as Senku will make his one-way trip to the moon. However, to make this, they have to have a lot of resources, just like how the rocket is made.

They also have to consider the hours of calculation to make sure Senku can return safely back to Earth. Can they succeed in this mission?

In "Dr. Stone" Chapter 211, Senku's city founding trip finally ended after finding the Rubber city in Indonesia. From here, they made their way back to Japan to build the rocket's framework.

The group planned to import all the resources from these cities so that they could start the Moon mission as soon as possible. Would this space voyage work out as planned? Find out when "Dr. Stone" Chapter 212 will drop on Sunday, Sept. 26.