The war has finally begun and the three deities have prepared themselves for an all-out fight. But as Draken's death has changed the tide of the game, fans are about to see Mikey's real intention in joining the battle in "Tokyo Revengers" Chapter 226.

Akashi Takeomi leads the Brahman Gang into this fight, while Terano South comes to the forefront of the Rokuhara Tendai Gang. Lastly, the Senju family ushers Tokyo Kantou Gang, but it looks like Mikey is not interested in the war but in avenging Draken's demise in "Tokyo Revengers" Episode 226.

Senju wants the war to take place in the right place. However, Takeomi knows the situation has already changed now that Draken is gone.

Mikey stands in the middle of the two top rival gangs, not making any move. He does not even make an effort to see Draken for the last time, so no one knows his real intention in coming to the place.

Recent Highlights noted Mikey might not still be aware of Draken's death, but it is far from happening. He may only be trying to hide his emotions and waiting for the right moment to see his deceased pal for the last time.

Elsewhere, Takemichi and Mikey are yet to see each other and fans are now eager to see their meeting, knowing they are already enemies. There are theories Mikey may try to hurt Takemichi, but fans only have to take this assumption with a grain of salt as nothing is confirmed yet.

Meanwhile, in "Tokyo Revengers" Episode 225, Takeomi was angry at South for laughing, so he gave him a massive punch that surprised him. Senju noticed how Takeomi fought recklessly, so he advised him to control his emotions, OtakuKart News noted.

This made her realized that he might mess around and got punished for his being too forward. Senju wanted to join the fight, but Waka stopped her.

He told her not to interfere as this fight was like no other. Waka even told her Draken had already lost his life, so he asked Takemichi to protect the Brahman Gang's princess.

He, then, joined the fight with Benkei, making Takemichi realized there was nothing they could do to stop them. Takeomi faced South, while the latter's men tried to block the former's way.

Takeomi asked South why they killed Draken despite not being a Brahman Gang member. South, then, realized he had originally sent his people to kill Takemichi but missed him.

So, they targeted Draken instead. As Takeomi tried to get near South, the latter got near to his people holding Takeomi and raised his fist.

He, then, reminded him that they were in a war. What happens from here can be seen when "Tokyo Revengers" Chapter 226 drops on Wednesday, Oct. 13.