"Demon Slayer" Season 2 has officially begun with a new take on the Mugen Train arc. As many wonder how long the new season will last, the franchise has finally dropped its official episode order.

"Demon Slayer" Season 2 made its much-awaited premiere on Sunday, Oct. 10. Now, its official episode order emerges and it is now what fans expect.

Many believe the new season will have two cours with 24 or 26 episodes just like the first season, given that it will have two arcs: Mugen Train and Entertainment District arcs. Comicbook reported the first arc would be out through the fall 2021 anime schedule, while the second arc would be part of the winter 2022 schedule.

However, Twitter user ManganiMY revealed the new season is currently listed on iQIYI International with only 18 episodes. It has been said that the Mugen Train arc will only have seven episodes, so fans hope the Entertainment District arc will be 18 episodes in total.

But it looks like it will only be 18 episodes all in all, though this episode number is yet to be confirmed. Although some find it not enough, this episode number may only be adequate as ufotable has been working on the series since the first season.


This may mean the studio is considering the episode's quality instead of quantity, knowing the editing works it has to do. Meanwhile, talking about "Demon Slayer" Season 2 premiere episode, many found it special for featuring Tanjiro's new adventure.

It showed Kyojuro Rengoku the day before he got on the Mugen Train, like what fans saw in the movie. It also showed the backstory of the Flame Hashira and how he ended up with a lot of bento boxes in the film, Epic Stream cited.

Here, it revealed he was already preparing to investigate the train and later learned there was another threat looming around the station. A fast demon started to terrorize the ekiben vendors and Rengoku stepped in to help.

The demon threatened a bento box seller and her grandmother, so Rengoku tried his best to fend off the enemy. Little did he know that his father had already helped the older woman before and the latter remembered the older Kyojuro through his moves.

With the new season's big return, viewers just saw how fierce the next episodes would be. Two years after the first season ended, it is already deemed a "welcome return" to the fall anime season. "Demon Slayer" Season 2 Episode 2 will be out on Sunday, Oct. 17.