Yuno is finally free in "Black Clover" Chapter 309. Chains are no longer around him and he can now face Zenon alone.

Yuno has renewed his strength and may even possess new abilities. As the rightful heir of the Spade Kingdom, he is about to make a stand and take his revenge against Zenon in "Black Clover" Chapter 309.

It is finally Yuno's time to shine as he is about to take the floor in the upcoming new chapter. Fans may see more of his fight against Zenon this time and this battle may finally come to an end.

Yuno has now unveiled his newest form that may have combined the powers that Licht and Tetia have. After the death of his comrades, he can finally now take his revenge for them, Recent Highlights noted.

The Grimoire has saved Yuno and it even addressed its master. Yuno now knows that he can do more and the combined power of him and his Grimoire is yet to be seen.

He will no longer cry this time and make sure he is about to win in "Black Clover" Chapter 309. Yuno will try his best to bring Zenon down, fulfilling his promise to protect his two homes and living up with Asta.

Here, fans are about to see Yuno fighting more than he can to end the Dark Triad's reign. Of course, he will get the help of Yangris and together, they will be hitting Zenon with constant attacks.

In "Black Clover" Chapter 308, the blood brother worked together to punish Zenon with only one goal in mind, to finish off the devil. However, Finral knew Langris could not hold on that long, OtakuKart News noted.

Zenon also did not let it slide without a fight. He started multiple bone attacks after he gained the heart of the devil following his deal with Beelzebub.

Later, Zenon analyzed Finral's teleportation techniques and how fast they could be. The villain was confident that he could overcome this battle while preparing a trap for the siblings.

As they teleported behind him to take him from his blind spot, Zenon already felt their presence. It even resulted in massive strikes between them.

Langris used Mana Method to boost their speed, while Finral calculated his brother's magic. However, despite the barrages of attacks, Zenon still had a smile on his face.

Finral and Langris realized they might have underestimated Zenon's defenses. However, they had no plan to give up on their agenda.

From here, fans saw how Yuno found it hard to get up, but he was about to get on his feet in the next chapter. How would he do it? Find out when "Black Clover" Chapter 309 drops on Sunday, Oct. 17.