"My Hero Academia" Season 6 is now in the works and it teases not just a huge war but a big return of a fan-favorite character. The manga creator himself, Kohei Horikoshi, hints at the comeback of the Rabbit Hero Mirko.

The mangaka is now hyping the coming of Mirko in "My Hero Academia" Season 6. Also known as Rumi Usagiyama, the No. 5 Pro Hero may return to action with the start of the Paranormal Liberation Front War, along with other heroes and villains.

In Horikoshi's latest comment for Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, via Comicbook, he said he was glad to make the anime's fifth season and the movie, "World Heroes' Mission." Now that Season 6 is about to come, he says he is looking forward to Mirko.

The manga creator has been giving various tributes to this character, alluding she is his favorite, too. Fans already saw Mirko at the end of the fourth season, although brief.

She was also part of the fifth season's start, though that one was relatively short, too. Now, viewers may finally see her in her full beautiful glory in "My Hero Academia" Season 6.

She will play a big role in the upcoming war and show how she has become the No. 5 Pro Hero. If Horikoshi himself is excited about her full appearance, fans should also have to.

Meanwhile, the previous season finale confirmed the continuation of the anime series after a voice-over of Izuku Midoriya warned about the battle against the Paranormal Liberation Front. It would be a war like no other as it would be "major incident that would shake superhuman society."

This just means that the sixth season will be following the manga's Paranormal Liberation War arc, which will be a big turning point in the series, Collider noted. In fact, its ramification is still felt in the manga with how big the war that breaks out between the heroes and the villains has turned out.

It also acts as the final part for the larger Rise of Villains saga in the manga. Meanwhile, there are no words yet on when the new season will be out.

After the fourth season ended in April 2020, there was a one-year gap before the fifth season began, per Siliconera. So, there are theories "My Hero Academia" Season 6 will be part of the spring 2022 anime season, though there will surely be more announcements coming in the future.