Kanki has now found Raido's body and there are questions on who killed the ex-bandit leader. As one of his murderers is, reportedly, still alive, the hunt for the perpetrator may begin in "Kingdom" Chapter 696.

The Saki clan was asked who was the man or group behind Raido's demise. As many assumptions surround his death, they said his killers were all dead except for one. So, will "Kingdom" Chapter 696 reveal who it is?

Epic Dope noted this revelation has led to a lot of questions. Who is responsible for Raido's death and why and how he manages to stay alive?

There are theories the guy who killed Raido is Ryuu Haku Kou's eldest son Ryuu Fu. If they have proven it to be true, what will they do to the new General of Zhao's left wing in "Kingdom" Chapter 696?

Meanwhile, in "Kingdom" Chapter 695, Kanki's troops had successfully conquered the enemies and made them surrender. Finally, after Kochou cut his head, the battle had ended.

Koukou started to wonder about Kanki and if he ever had a mind like Raido's. He, then, asked Ringyoku what made him look suspicious, per OtakuKart News.

Koukou, then, revealed the huge number of enemies that they never expected. Ringyoku believed it was a big problem, but Koukou scolded Moron due to his behavior.

The two held a discussion, but Koukou demanded to see Kanki. The three, then, went to the Zhao HQ, but the fight was over.

Elsewhere, a battle to go beyond Eikyuu was happening at the HSU HQ. However, it looked like they had no idea that Kochou was killed. Zhao, then, withdrew and Moron told them Kanki's army won the battle.

Shin could not believe the news, thinking it was all lies. He was convinced that the HSU should stay and look after the situation of the surrendered Zhao soldiers.

Naki chimed in and asked the messenger about what happened. The messenger answered rudely, saying Kanki, Maron and Koukou were safe but had no idea about the others.

Moreover, the executives made their way to the Kanki HQ, though Kanki himself remained. He instead went to the place where Raido was said to be found.

Alternatively, Koukou and Maron talked about Raido, but it looked like they still had no idea where he was. One soldier suggested Raido might have been taken to Kochou's HQ.

Anyhow, Ringyoku could not help but think that Raido was already dead, though Koukou refused to believe it. What happens next can be seen when "Kingdom" Chapter 696 drops on Sunday, Oct. 24.