Senku and the rest of the team will begin their Hydroelectric plant power experiment in "Dr. Stone" Chapter 214. Will this be another success or will the group fail this time?

Ukyo will be telling the good news to everyone that they have found a dam. As this will help this new project, will the Science Kingdom Crew have a new Hydroelectric plant in "Dr. Stone" Chapter 214?

Senku and the Science Kingdom have been on a series of science journeys and they are all deemed successful. Now, the science genius himself is preparing for his biggest voyage of them all: his trip to the moon, OtakuKart News noted.

However, this results in increased work in the field, which means the scientist and his group will need more hands. This may mean the scientist and the rest of the crew will be getting more workforce.

Will they finally get more help in "Dr. Stone" Chapter 214? In "Dr. Stone" Chapter 213, Ukyo, Chrome and Kaseki started to work on a project to control the water to produce electricity.

Senku and Kohaku, alternatively, talked about Ruri's work with villagers in their absence. Gen, too, had a discussion with the new team that recently got revived.

Evidently, everyone had their own task, as Francoise and others cooked food for everyone. Meanwhile, Gen talked about his TV appearance and the book Senku wrote.

Senku's Story Time book held the details about how they could revive everyone and how they got petrified in the past. Gen and the rest of the kids decided to read it to learn more.

It also contained information about the building of the rocket moon and mystery devices that could turn humans into stones. It even revealed the reason behind man's stay on the moon.

Gen was reading the book like he was singing a song while Chelsea and Ryusui were saying something about his lectures. The two believed Gen was getting everyone's attention by telling them things about Senku.

While doing this, Ryusui revealed what he liked, which made Sai realize that he had no plans to stop talking. A picture of Sai playing a game when it was time to study math was revealed, but he used this as a reason to learn more.

As their Science exploration continues, fans are about to see more in "Dr. Stone" Chapter 214 when it drops on Sunday, Oct. 17, per Otaku Fly.