Brad Pitt and George Clooney are, reportedly, breaking ties over the latter's drinking habits. Allegedly, drinking is something Angelina Jolie's ex-husband despises and he is not afraid to end his friendship with the "ER" actor because of it.

OK Magazine made up a story about the two pals, Pitt and Clooney, titled "Brad & Bradley's Snooty Sober Squad." It claimed the two actors were "bonding over sobriety," and so, the "One Upon a Time" star was willing to leave his "booze-swilling friends out in the cold."

The publication also dragged Bradley Cooper's in its story, claiming the "A Star is Born" star has been sober since he was 29, so he helped Pitt stop drinking after his split from Jolie in 2016. An alleged source claimed Pitt did not want to see "any form of temptation," so he was distancing himself from anyone who enjoyed drinking, including Clooney.

The insider added he was going out of his way to avoid specific people. Amal Clooney's husband loves partying and drinking, so he has no plans to continue hanging around him.

Though the tipster cleared that Cooper and Pitt were not "ganging up" on Clooney, they just now had high standards on who would be part of their social club. So, is there any truth about this?

Sure, Suggest confirmed Pitt was sober and got help from Cooper, but it was impossible for the 57-year-old to end his friendship with Clooney. In fact, it was recently announced that they would do a movie together.

There might also be no truth to the claim that Pitt was avoiding people drinking alcohol. These two have been friends for years, so there is probably no way that they will end that because Clooney drinks.

Cooper and Pitt, too, have sober and non-sober friends. So, Clooney-whether drinking or not-will still surely be part of their circle.

Meanwhile, talking about their new project, Pitt and Clooney will be reuniting for a new Apple thriller, The Hollywood Reporter revealed. "Spider-Man: Homecoming" and "Spider-Man: Far From Home" director Jon Watts will direct, write and produce the yet-to-be-titled movie.

Pitt and Clooney will also be the film's producers through their respective production companies. The movie will tell the story of two lone fixers assigned to do the same job. This will be the fifth time they will be doing a film together after "Burn After Reading," "Ocean's Eleven," "Ocean's Twelve" and "Ocean's Thirteen."