"Kingdom" Season 4 gets the greenlit fans have been hoping for after the success of the third season's release. Though the first two seem to disappoint fans, the third season is a breath of fresh air.

The third season perfectly featured the horror of China's war back then. Now that "Kingdom" Season 4 is about to come, what can fans expect?

"Kingdom" Season 3 finale showed a brief period of peace. But knowing how this series goes, it may only last for a little while.

Epic Dope noted the new season might cover the Koku You arc. It is the 16th arc of the manga and it follows the new campaign Qin will begin to take the Koku You Hulls.

The Kingdom Wiki Fandom noted it would be a strategic area for both Qin and Zhao that would surely be a must-see. The announcement also comes with a new visual that teases what fans are about to witness.

It features Sei Kyou, the second prince of Qin, with the tagline, "I'm next." So, what does it mean?

This may allude to his official introduction to the anime series after the first season. It may also refer to his position as the second-in-line to the succession.

However, there are theories the phrase may also spell trouble that is happening behind the scenes. As there is more to come to this story, fans can expect it to continue from "Kingdom" Season 4 forward.

There are still a lot of manga chapters that the anime can adapt. With more than 690 chapters to cover, there is more to come from this tale.

Now that Sei Kyou's arrival has been teased, will a new problem arise? It looks like the peace fans saw in the third season would end when the fourth season began.

Elsewhere, Recent Highlights cited "Kingdom" Season 4 might also feature Kyou Kai's revenge arc that would end with the State of Ai storyline. This means fans might see her return to Hi Shin Unit, along with solving Ryo Fui's issue.

Meanwhile, the new season might be out in 2022, given that the announcement was made in October 2021. Shueisha might continue to produce the series, along with NHK.

With the great animation Studios Signpost and Pierrot Plus did in the previous seasons, fans hope they would continuously animate the upcoming installment. Funimation will also remain as "Kingdom" Season 4 Licensors.