It may take a little while before fans can see the continuation of Shigaraki and Star and Stripe's fight in "My Hero Academia" Chapter 331. The manga will go on a hiatus and Kohei Horikoshi now issues an apology for fans.

The previous chapter showed the beginning of Shigaraki and Star and Stripe's one-on-one fight. However, it left fans hanging with the major cliffhanger that will continue in "My Hero Academia" Chapter 331.

It has been a norm for manga creators to usually take a short break here and there. One of those mangakas is Horikoshi.

The reason varies, from schedules to health issues. But whatever the case is, fans seem not to mind it.

Despite that, though, Horikoshi still issues a public apology to say sorry to the awaiting fans. In his official author comment of the week in Shonen Jump, he said, "I'm sorry for all the breaks," per Comicbook.

He admitted his schedule is a mess but promised he would get back on track. The series will be taking a one-week break, so "My Hero Academia" Chapter 331 will not be part of the upcoming releases this week.

But Epic Dope noted the hiatus might have something to do with Horikoshi's health problem. Though no one knows what it is, he has delayed the manga's release several times due to his alleged poor health.

Though fans are not fond of breaks, the creator's health should be the top priority. They have been, reportedly, exploited in this industry that affects their physical and mental health.

They usually feel overwhelming pressure and they are not even well-compensated-let alone receiving more credits. Despite that, the writers still always deliver their creations on time so that fans will never feel disappointed.

This may sometimes lead to a "sketchy art" and "incomplete story" that fans themselves want the author to take a rest. Though Horikoshi reasons his messy schedule for the hiatus, readers do not mind giving him the time he needs.

Meanwhile, in "My Hero Academia" Chapter 330, the manga introduced a new character, Star and Stripe, to help the heroes in the time of crisis. The female superhero takes All Might as an inspiration.

Though she cannot be the world's strongest fighter, she manages to establish a name as the U.S.'s No. 1 hero. She makes her way to Japan to help the Pro Heroes face the threat that All For One brings.

However, before she could make a move, Shigaraki had already tried to control her. Can he get the best of her? Find out when "My Hero Academia" Chapter 331 drops on Sunday, Oct. 31.