Kim Seon-ho now breaks his silence over the rumors that he is Actor K, who forced his girlfriend to abort their baby. The "Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha" star issues an official statement about the controversy he is into, admitting he is indeed the mysterious guy in the controversial post.

In a post on Chosun, Seon-ho apologizes for being mum for a couple of days after several news outlets claimed he is the guy being referred to by someone named A in a post on Nate Pann. He decides to write an official statement after reading an article about him that gives him incredible fear for the first time.

Though he does not directly confirm that he is Actor K and forces his then-girlfriend to abort their child, he talks about their relationship. The 35-actor revealed he met A with good feelings but only ended up hurting her because of his "negligence and thoughtless behavior."

He now wanted to meet and apologize to her in person, but he could not do so. He is now waiting for that time to come.

Seon-ho gave his sincerest apology to A through the statement and even said sorry for disappointing everyone who believed and trusted in him. He managed to stand proud as an actor through these people but admitted he had forgotten about them.

"I'm sorry for causing trouble to you," he said. He also wanted to sincerely apologize to everyone he hurt.

Meanwhile, the "Start-Up" star's agency, Salt Entertainment, also issued a statement following the release of his apology letter. The management also apologized to everyone who had been affected, disappointed and hurt by its talent's private issues, per AllKpop.

To recall, an anonymous netizen claimed Actor K convinced her to abort their child in exchange for marriage. From here, Seon-ho had been in headlines after headlines as many believed he was the guy in the controversial post.

With this big issue, his advertisements are now taken down to avoid being dragged by the controversy, The Straits Times noted. Domino's Pizza has already removed all of its commercials that feature the K-drama star, as well as its posts about him on its official social media pages.

Canon Korea and Food Bucket even follow suit and remove all his images and posts on their respective social media accounts. In addition, Seon-ho's press conference after "Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha" ended was also canceled. Shi Min-a and Lee Sang-yi's interviews were also postponed in light of this controversy.