"One Piece" Chapter 1033 has a lot of questions to answer, from Zoro and King's battle to Drake and Apoo's fight against CP0. It may also touch on Yamato's move to save Onigashima before it is too late.

"One Piece" Chapter 1033 spoilers have now dropped and it seems to mostly focus on Zoro and King's fight. As the Beast Pirates' All-Stars member remains unscathed and with Zoro's lack of strength, can the latter defeat the villain?

Epic Dope noted Zoro needs to know King's actual race to defeat him. The Straw Hat Pirates member has already lost an arm, so he badly needs to figure something out before it is too late.

Aside from their fight, the next installment may feature a glimpse of Sanji and Queen's brawl. Sanji has rejected the idea of using the raid suit, so it remains to be seen how he can win against Udon's de-facto ruler.

Elsewhere, Kid and Law's fight against Big Mom is another plot that may continue in "One Piece" Chapter 1033. Now that Big Mom has powered up, she becomes a bigger threat to these two.

Meanwhile, back to King and Zoro's fight, the latter is, evidently, having a hard time bringing the antagonist down. Recent Highlights cited Eiichiro Oda would focus telling this particular storyline.

From here, Zoro's backstory may be explored and a solid connection between him and Kuina will be revealed. In fact, the new chapter's spoilers have hinted at this part.

Warning: The following content is full of spoilers. Read at your own risk.

"One Piece" Chapter 1033 will be titled "Shimotsuki Kozaburo" and will start with Zoro and King's fight, per Recent Highlights. It will also feature Sanji and Queen's battle, as the latter will finally reveal King's tribe.

King is a survivor from the Lunaria tribe after being eradicated in the past. Lunaria is known for being a tribe of monsters who can survive in any environment. They are also called gods.

Curious about why they got exterminated, Sanji asks Queen, who tells him to ask King instead. Despite the revelation, Zoro is still confused about King's tribe.

Thankfully, his armament haki helps him survive King's attacks. The spoilers also reveal that the Zoro's sword, Enma, is made by Shimotsuki Kozaburo, Kuina's grandfather.

This is why the legendary sword ends up in the east blue and is now in Zoro's possession. Fans are about to see these and more when "One Piece" Chapter 1033 drops on Sunday, Nov. 28.