Philippines fast-food chain company Jollibee Foods Corp is planning to expand its operations in mainland China. The company said it is planning to open at least 33 more stores by December through its Tim Ho Wan, Hong Zhuang Yuan, and Yonghe King brands.

The company said Wednesday that it had seen significant growth in revenues from the three Chinese restaurant brands in mainland China. Jollibee said it expects further revenue growth as it expands further into the country.

Jollibee President and Chief Executive Officer Ernesto Tanmantiong said the expansion of the three brands into China would play an important role in the company's growth. Tanmantiong said China continues to be one of Jollibee's "four pillar markets."

Since the start of the year, the company has opened 80 new stores under the three brands. Jollibee said it has already spent a record $241.6 billion in capital expenditures this year as part of its global expansion plan. The company said it would mainly be focusing on expanding in Asian countries, including in China. The aim of the company is to become one of the top five restaurant brand operators in the world.

Jollibee-owned brand Tim Ho Wan, known for being the "world's cheapest Michelin-star restaurant, now has six outlets in Shanghai. Jollibee launched its first brand in September last year. The company strategically built the outlets in popular commercial centers, including new outlets in Shanghai's Minghang District and Putuo District.

Jollibee plans to "aggressively" expand its Tim Ho Wan brand in China, with the goal of having up to 100 outlets within the next five years.

For its Yonghe King restaurant, Jollibee launched a total of 62 new stores in mainland China this year. The company now has a total of 383 Yonghe King stores across the country. Jollibee aims to have at least 1,000 outlets by 2026.

Yonghe King just opened its first two stores in Shaanxi Province. It will also establish its first store in Hainan province, with a total of 23 Yoonghe King outlets anticipated to open by December.

 After opening its first mall-based store on Xiyue Sky Street in Southwest Beijing, Jollibee now has 44 outlets of its Hong Zhuang Yuan brand in the city. Hong Zhuan Yuan is now planning to open stores in Beijing's top ten shopping malls as well as other malls outside of the city, with the goal of having 60 stores open by the end of the year.