The Osorezan arc has now come to an end, so fans are about to see what is next for Yoh and the rest of the gang in "Shamang King" 2021 Episode 34. Many commend the past story of Yoh and Anna, but everything will be back to normal in the next installment.

Fans see the Osorean arc as the perfect plot to tell Yoh and Anna's story. Now, Yoh is about to face his decision in the shaman fight in "Shaman King" 2021 Episode 34 forward.

Epic Dope noted many had been moved by Matamune, Yoh and Anna's story in the previous arc. It perfectly answered many questions about Yoh and Anna that told more about the series.

Yoh now has more ideas about the shamans, thanks to Matamune, Epic Dope noted. Now that the Goryoushin is gone, how will Yoh try to stop Hao at the shaman fight?

Also, it remains to be seen how his friends will give him their support as he prepares to fight Hao. Sure, Yoh now has a lot of experiences that can teach him a thing or two about his next battle.

In addition, "Shaman King" 2021 Episode 34 will feature the return to the present timeline with the shaman fight. Yoh and his friends will feature character progress as an intense turn of events are about to happen.

Meanwhile, in "Shaman King" 2021 Episode 33, Yoh learned he was not yet ready to face the Demon despite being a Shaman. Matamune said only a Demon could defeat a fellow Demon, per OtakuKart News.

This made Yoh angry, asking how he could save Anna if he were not a Demon himself. As Yoh was shouting and talking alone, Gu-man wondered what was happening to him.

Matamune was a spirit ghost that only a Shaman could see and hear. So, Gu-man could not either see or listen to him.

Yoh decided to do his best and Matamune gave him a chance. The latter later explained how they could defeat the Demon.

The three, then, arrived at the mountain to face Demon Red. The villain was surprised to see them successfully reach the hills.

Despite their arrival, the Demon was not worried at all. It had already consumed a few souls that boosted his strength.

Yoh broke the silence and asked Demon Red about Anna and demanded it to show her. Demon Red said Anna might be alive, but he had no idea about her whereabouts.

It even revealed that it had abused Anna in the mountains to attract and collect Demon Spites that made Yoh scared. Demon Red added Anna's Furyoku never gave out, but she started to wander after he got full.

Fans will see what happens from here when “Shaman King” 2021 Episode 34 drops on Thursday, Dec. 2.