Rolon and Ohma's fight is far from over and fans are about to witness their final battle in "Kengan Omega" Chapter 137. Ohma has already badly beaten Rolon, but the latter has no plans to give up, so he stands up to continue their brawl.

Fans are now looking forward to seeing how Rolon and Ohma's fight will progress after the previous chapter. The two are not in their best shape, so who will eventually come up and be the last man standing in "Kengan Omega" Chapter 137?

Rolon is determined to finish the fight as soon as possible. Ohma already used his Advance to bring Rolon down, but it has its limits.

Ohma has to use Advance within limits to keep him alive. However, it is taking its toll on him, Epic Dope noted.

There is no denying their epic fight is visually superb and their match has already reached its peak. Rolon is known for being an all-rounder who can adapt to any situation.

So, in what ways can he fight Ohma and his incredible techniques? Alternatively, using his Advance fully, what will Ohma do to counter Rolon?

With these things said, fans can expect "Kengan Omega" Chapter 137 to be very intense. Rolon is showing what kind of a monster he is when it comes to combat.

Though Ohma has already used all his cards in this fight, he will do his best to counter Rolon's moves until someone wins. Now that the battle is in its final phase, fans are about to see who will come out as the victor.

Meanwhile, in "Kengan Omega" Chapter 136, many commended the fight between Ohma and Rolon. Many waited to witness Ohma's full Advance power that he used against Raian in KAT.

However, Ohma made it more superb by coupling it with Niko's special move, the Niko Style Redirection Kata Change of Scenery. Otaku's Notes cited the Advance had three tiers.

The first one was it was used to save Yamashita at the beginning of the series. The second one was he used it to boost his abilities and the third one was the fully Advance form.

However, Dr. Hanafusa advised him to limit this power, as the Advance Fully Unleashed might burst his blood vessels if used for a while. In addition, Rolon had already sustained too much damage from the Change of Scenery.

Despite that, it was a surprising sight to see him still standing up. Ohma, in addition, could not use his Advance anymore after too much blood loss.

With this, it remained to be seen who would win in their final fight. Find out when "Kengan Omega" Chapter 137 drops on Wednesday, Dec.1.