Kate Hudson started her acting career at a very young age. It is not surprising, considering that she came from a family of celebrities.

In the more than three decades of her active status in Hollywood, rumors and speculations have already become a part of her life. One of the reports she is facing these days involves her engagement with Danny Fujikawa.

Sources told Life & Style that the "Fool's Gold" actress is having relationship problems with her fiance. As stated, Fujikawa reportedly "refuses to take the next step if there are lawyers involved" due to a prenup. This is, also, despite having been friends for 15 years, dating for about five years, and sharing a daughter for three years.

The publication explained that prenuptial agreements are common among Hollywood couples. While Kate Hudson knows this, the case is said to be different for Danny Fujikawa.

Insiders claimed that, for the musician, "prenups are unromantic." The talks about the matter come as the pair got engaged in September.

But, as to whether the sources' assertions are true, no confirmation has yet to emerge. Hudson and Fujikawa have, also, remained silent, making the story appear mere speculation.

Us Weekly reported that the two celebrities began their relationship in 2016. But, it was only a year later when dating rumors between the two sparked before the public.

The publication recalled that Kate Hudson has not had the "easiest journey" in terms of her relationships. But, it asserted that the actress "found something special" with the Chief member, Danny Fujikawa.

One year after officially debuting as a couple, the "How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days" actress revealed that they were pregnant. They welcomed their daughter in October 2018, with their families reportedly saying that she completed the clan.

In September 2021, Kate Hudson took her engagement announcement to Instagram. She posted a photo of Danny Fujikawa and herself, wearing the ring he gave her.

A month later, the actress opened up about their wedding. She revealed that she was "pre-planning the planning" stage, adding that they were thinking of what they wanted to do.

Hudson, then, stated that they were "so excited." However, she acknowledged that the "idea of planning a wedding is a lot," and referenced her 2009 film, "Bride Wars," noting that she already knows about it.

So far, these are the latest about the couple's relationship. It is likely that more information will emerge in the next few months.