Scarlett Johansson now has two children. She welcomed her son in August, the first baby with her husband, Colin Jost.

Following her pregnancy, she seemingly spent months behind closed doors with her family. It was not until November that she made an appearance and "stunned" the public with her figure and white Versace ensemble.

Star magazine said that her recent engagement at the 2021 American Cinematheque Gala marked her return to her "pre-pregnancy weight." But, even so, getting back into shape after giving birth is reportedly "no big deal" for the Marvel actress.

Scarlett Johansson seemingly rarely talks about her diet and workout routines. But, an insider told the magazine that she sticks to a diet that works well for her.

As claimed, the "Black Widow" actress consumes "lean proteins and steamed veggies." While they are not "the most exciting," the celebrity's willpower is reportedly impressive.

Johansson's personal trainer, meanwhile, previously gave an insight on his trainee's diet and exercise regimen, according to Insider. Eric Johnson revealed that the MCU star employed the "carb-cycling" concept to fuel her fitness.

As explained, the program involves altering the amount of carbs for a day's consumption depending on the type and intensity of the workout set for the same day. He added that the actress "cycled through days of high carbohydrates and low fat consumption, versus low carbohydrates and higher fat while maintaining protein intake."

As for Scarlett Johansson's workout routines, Eric Johnson told Women's Health that he likes to cycle the actress through a wide selection. He uses the approach wherein there is a "hybrid of athletic performance, foundational strength training, functional hypertrophy, and metabolic work."

The fitness trainer continued that he integrates various programs in the "Avengers" star's regimen. These include powerlifting, kettlebells, yoga, Olympic weight lifting, bodybuilding, and conditioning work.

Johnson, also, emphasized that the fitness goals are all "performance-based" more than "aesthetic-based." They have reportedly found it to be the key to victory.

The recent "superfast slimdown" is not the first for Scarlett Johansson. In 2014, she welcomed her first child following the birth of her daughter.

In only three months, she managed to drop the baby weight, according to E!.

At that time, the "Lucy" lead shared some of her secrets to her fit and healthy figure. She stated that she had done the same routines as her trainer, adding that she had dabbled in different things.

Johansson gave advice, as well, stressing the importance of working out, especially on days when one does not feel like doing it. She asserted that those are the days one should go "because then you stick to it."