Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian always make it known before the public how they feel about each other. While fans and supporters celebrate with them in their newfound flame, not everyone is seemingly happy.

A source recently told Star magazine that Shanna Moakler was "sending a message" to her former husband and his bride-to-be reality star. She reportedly wants to make Barker "jealous" with her 28-year-old boyfriend, Matthew Rondeau.

This comes after the pair were spotted in Cabo, "packing on the PDA" on the beach. Although she is "crazy" about Rondeau, and likely not putting on an act, she prefers to give the Blink 182 drummer a "taste of his own medicine" by making him see photos of her making out with somebody else.

It remains unclear, though, how or where the source obtained the information about Shanna Moakler wanting her husband to know how she feels. Accordingly, the story has yet to be confirmed, and it stays as mere speculation about the celebrities.

It is, indeed, true, however, that she and Matthew Rondeau spent time together in Mexico last December. Several photos of them emerged, showing their public displays of affection toward one another.

Even so, the model previously told Page Six that she does not have "animosity" toward Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian, adding that she is "not jealous" of them. She even wished them "nothing, but the best."

Meanwhile, Barker and Kardashian seemingly focus on their upcoming wedding. The former proposed to his then-months-long girlfriend back in October, and speculations about their nuptials continue to emerge.

They have yet to share any details about their plans. But, sources already have something to say about the highly anticipated event.

Cosmopolitan learned from an insider that the couple is likely making it official in 2022. While the logistics are "taking some time," they reportedly want it to happen this year.

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker have known each other for a long time. Although their romance only began earlier in 2021, they have been "longtime pals," according to Women's Health.

Witnesses have spotted the two celebrities, leaving restaurants and other events together, a couple of times over the years. It was only earlier last year, however, when dating rumors began to swirl.

It all came after the Blink-182 member left flirty comments on the reality star's Instagram posts. But, it did not take long before they confirmed the relationship as per sources.

Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian, then, became "Instagram official" after Valentine's Day. They have since continued to share PDA-moments both online and offline.