The spotlight on the marriage of Matthew McConaughey remains apparent. This comes as his romantic tie with his wife Camila Alves is one of the longest-standing relationships in Hollywood.

A source recently revealed to Us Weekly that the couple of 15 years have a "very traditional dynamic" at home, alongside their children. While the "Interstellar" actor is the main provider, the 39-year-old model is the one who, reportedly, takes care of the needs of the family.

It is, also, said that they "love the life" they have had together in Austin, Texas. Moreover, McConaughey loves to tout, as well, "how great Camila makes life for him and the kids," adding that he knows he is "very lucky" to have her.

Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves had their ninth wedding anniversary in June. But, their relationship began more than six years earlier than their nuptials.

In December, the "Magic Mike" star shared his "secret to staying happily married" in an interview. Good Housekeeping released a report on the matter, detailing what McConaughey had to say about his relationship with Camila Alves.

He said, "don't make a straight line crooked," adding that "if things are going well, keep catching green lights." Otherwise, "deal with them soon so they don't bubble up and get you later."

The publication, also, recalled Matthew McConaughey's revelations about his first meeting with Camila Alves. It was reportedly "love at first sight" when they met in 2006.

The 52-year-old celebrity admitted that he was "immediately mesmerized" by his now-wife's beauty. He even joked about speaking "better Spanish and Portuguese" the night he met her than he has since.

He, later on, stated, though, that they formed a "great connection" despite the language barrier during their first interaction.

McConaughey and Alves had their first date three days after their first meeting. Insider reported that the "Fool's Gold" actor invited the Brazilian-American model to his Malibu house and cooked dinner for her.

He previously shared that he wanted to go on another date with her the next time after night, and he has continued wanting the same thing "for the last nine years."

Two years into the relationship, Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves welcomed their first child. During the announcement he made then, he said that their son was born at 6:22 p.m., and the particular time represents his "favorite verse" in the book of Matthew in the Bible.

They welcomed their first daughter in 2010, which is the year before they built their Malibu mansion. They designed the house together, with the actor saying that he found the woman he wanna do it with through his partner.

While the two celebrities were not thinking of marriage, McConaughey proposed to Alves in Christmas 2011. They tied the knot in a three-day private ceremony six months later.